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About us

ErsteCard Club d.o.o. (ECC) is a credit card company with the longest business tradition on the Croatian market which has issued over 507,000 credit cards.The company is not only the sole manager of the Diners Club on the Croatian market, but also issues and concludes the acceptance of Visa and MasterCard cards. Moreover, in cooperation with major credit card companies, ECC concludes the acceptance of the Far Eastern JCB and the North American Discover Card (DFS), which allows an increasing number of Japanese and American tourists to pay with their credit cards during their stay in Croatia.

ECC products are constantly updated with additional benefits. Aside from the Standard and Classic Diners Club cards, as well as MasterCard and Visa, thecompany also offers products with benefits of such partners as Croatia Airlines, Hrvatski autoklub and ORYX. It has established successful cooperation with over 60,000 outlets, with over 28,000 of them offering instalment purchase. These include major retail chains, shopping and construction centres,furniture stores, insurance companies, healthcare institutions and many more.

Seeing as communication is of vital importance, the company has introduced various electronic channels. One such channel is its special website, which provides information on outlets that offer discounts and other benefits for payments with a Diners Club card. ECC is also the only credit card company to publish its own magazine – the online multimedia magazine D Life, which covers both interesting everyday life topics, processed in a manner unprecedented for the medium, and information on available benefits. With the Diners ProFile application, ECC users are able to control their expenses. The company also has the honour of being the first one to establish open communication with its users via Facebook and Twitter.

Erste Card Club d.o.o.

+385 (0)14929 555

Ulica Frana Folnegovića 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Statistical no.: 3289737
OIB: 85941596441
Account no.(IBAN): HR5924020061100479680

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